Swapnil is an open-source leader and advocate. He is serving as Vice President at the Apache Community Development. Apache Software Foundation is the world's largest open source foundation. He is working on spreading open source awareness with Open Source Wave initiative (www.opensourcewave.io).

Some of his notable FOSS roles include.

-- Vice President, Apache Community Development
-- Apache Software Foundation Member
-- Founder, Open Source Wave
-- Apache Central Services / Editorial Member
-- Founder & Chair, Apache Local Community (ALC)
-- PMC Member, Apache Community Development, OFBiz, Roller
-- Founder Vue.js Indore community

He had contributed to numerous open-source projects varying from ERP, CMS, Progressive Web App domain like Apache OFBiz, Roller, Vue Storefront, Storefront UI, Peregrine CMS, etc.
And is involved in a wide variety of roles in these FOSS projects like the founder, lead, mentor, core contributor, evangelist, etc.

He has been involved in multiple dimensions in Apache Software Foundation, like leading the Apache Local Community initiative, managing the foundation's weekly and monthly news round-ups, and part of project management committees of various projects, like Community Development, OFBiz, Roller, etc.

He is skilled in E-commerce, Order Management System, Omni-Channel, and PWA strategy and builds enterprise-grade applications for business automation.

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